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E H Thornes (Beehives) Ltd

Rebecca Coleman director of the rural Lincolnshire based family firm of E H Thornes contacted Designblok for help with one aspect of their long established beekeeping equipment business. Thornes were looking for innovative ways of creating moulds for their growing investment in beeswax candle moulds which they produce in house and export all around the globe.

Scanning and 3D printing to create unique mould designs

Following discussions with the team at Designblok, Thornes were able to produce a new range of highly detailed candle moulds by using CAD information obtained using Designblok’s Artec 3D colour scanners.

The advantage for this company being that once scan information was obtained from original master models the resulting CAD information can be quickly turned into 3D printed models using Designblok’s range of 3D printers for evaluation and if necessary easily modified by Designblok’s team to suit any changes in E H Thornes requirements without the need for expensive tooling.