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Roman Bull Replication

Optima Design commissioned Designblok to create a complete replica of a Roman Bull statue based on the discovery of a Roman marble bull during archaeological excavations in Lincoln in 2013. Sadly only the torso survived from the dig so the challenge was to try to estimate what the complete statue would have looked like.

Replicating historic artefacts from found ancient fragment

Working with the Collection, Lincoln (the city’s archaeological museum, which acquired the statue in 2015) Designblok used 3D non-contact scanners to scan the torso to minimise contact and contamination of the original piece. Designblok then worked with a professional sculpture to recreate the missing elements.

This was then scanned again to recreate a complete digital model of the Bull. This was then printed out to help curate the story and chase for the public to see, read and handle this piece of rare history in Lincoln.