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Here at Designblok we are always eager to enhance our range of 3D printing and replication facilities. This month sees the arrival of our latest additions, 3 of the latest Formlab Form 2 SLA resin printers.

Designblok chose to add the award winning Form 2 machines to their stable because of its positive reviews, high resolution printing capabilities and advanced features not found on other similar printers. In fact the Form 2 manufacturers claim this printer The Formlabs Form 2 is the best 3D printer available in the stereo lithography (SLA) desktop category. Being the successor to the award-winning Form 1+, this new machine is substantially updated and boasts the fact that it is a staggering 50% faster and four times more powerful than its predecessor thanks to a new 250mW laser. Improvements also include new custom galvanometers that produce a better, smoother finish to your prints. The Form 2 has a generous build volume of 145 x 145 x 175mm and boasts superfine layer resolution settings down to 25 microns. Given too its choice of different resins for your models including flexible resins it is certainly worth contacting Designblok to see if this printer can meet your particular needs. 

No Sooner had we got to grips with the capabilities of these new machines than our first commission arrived, the 3D print of an enlarged insect head taken from an original CT scan of the insect for Dr. Fernando Montealegre-Z Reader (Associate Professor) from the University of Lincoln’s School of Life Sciences. The 3D printed model of the insect was created in Formlabs clear resin and was intended for display as part of Lincoln Universities ‘Lights Nights’ event in September.


More details of the Formlabs Form 2 detailed specifications and resin materials available can be seen on the Formlabs web pages. For more details of how Designblok can help you achieve your 3D printing needs please contact us.

Posted on October 20, 2016

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Faro Scanner

Designblok are always looking to add to their comprehensive collection of 3D full colour scanning equipment and this month sees the arrival of our latest piece, Faro’s top of the range large scale laser scanner, their Focus X330 HDR.

Posted on October 20, 2016


Light Nights

One of Designblok’s scanning and replication projects, the life-size Terracotta Warriors’ statues, were among the fascinating items that greeted visitors at the LiGHTS Nights one-day science showcase hosted by the University of Lincoln in September.

Posted on October 20, 2016