Meet the team

Our design expertise, knowledge of creative development technologies and our broad range of facilities is perfectly positioned to assist business and creative practitioners to use design and innovation as an effective tool for growth and development.


If you have a project you would like help with we offer a wide range of services including development and consultation.

Our people

Stewart Bibby

Product Designer and Educator

S Bibby

Stewart is a Product Designer and Programme Leader for the University of Lincoln’s BA Hons Product Design programme. Stewart has and regularly works with a range of industries promoting the importance of design techniques in the creation of new products and business opportunities. 

Stewart has a particular focus on Design Thinking, utilising creative ideation strategies to assist new product design and business development. Constantly looking for new materials and technologies, Stewart works with graduates and business to apply this to new product development and new start-ups

Michael Poole

Business Development Manager and Product Development

M Poole

Mike specialises in knowledge transfer and the development of new ventures. Mike seeks to create profitable collaborations, linking academic expertise with the needs of business that has ambition to grow and innovate. With ten years’ experience working in product design and development Mike has managed the development of many products from concept through to production including, office furniture products, bathroom fixtures, domestic goods and industrial components.

Mike has particular expertise in 3D digital design tools looking specifically at 3D digital reconstruction and fabrication techniques with the aim of improving the process and methods in the creation, manipulation and reproduction of 3D objects. 

Alexa Mottram

Product Designer

Alexa Mottram

Alexa is a Designer-Maker and Lecturer on the University of Lincoln's BA Hons Product Design programme.  She has studied Product and Furniture Design as well as Sustainable Architecture and Energy and worked with a variety of materials and mediums.    

Alexa is particularly interested in sustainable and ethical design and has experience incorporating social and environmental responsibility into all aspects of product design, development and production.  Alexa is able to advise businesses and organisations in how to include sustainable practice in all stages of the product life cycle.

Kevin Hallsworth

Product Designer and New Technologies

K Hallsworth

Kevin has experience of working in varied roles as a Product Designer including engineering, product and furniture design and now combines his traditional skills as a cabinet maker with the growth of new 3D technologies such as 3D full colour scanning, 3D CAD design and modelling software and a growing range of expertise with 3D printers and CNC machinery.

Kevin has experience of working and liaising with a wide range of companies and is highly suited to discuss with you how your company may benefit by using either one or a combination of new digital technologies.

Jeff Pashley

Model Maker and New Technologies

Jeff Pashley

Jeff is a trained model maker whose experience includes working in film prop fabrication at Pinewood Studios and producing models for clients including Lindum Group, BAE Systems, Messier Dowty, General Dynamics and Vickers Alvis. Jeff now specialises in the production of models, rigs and test pieces utilising a range of CNC machinery, laser cutting and 3D printing machines

Franky Mulloy

Movement Analysis and Biomechanical Consultant: MoCap

Franky Mulloy

Franky specialises in harnessing technologies that capture and quantify movement. As a biomechanist, Franky applies principles of physics, engineering and mechanics to humans and equipment on a daily basis. Franky has a wealth of experience in analysing problematic movement patterns in athletes, clinical patients and the working environment. Additional experience has been accrued in analysing industrial machinery and environnments, to modify equipment for more effective human interaction.

Franky runs the Motion Capture facility based within the School of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Lincoln. The MoCap Hub provides movement analytics with 3D motion capture and high speed video of up to 18,000 frames per second. This technology can be used to underpin ergonomic design, and the human-equipment interaction.

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