Design for Entrepreneurs

Designblok works with innovators and entrepreneurs, students and graduates with novel ideas, creative individuals with vision and drive who want to create their own business venture and need access to the latest technologies and facilities.

Use our facilities on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis to test the feasibility of new ideas, test the market opportunity, build the business potential and build your confidence as an entrepreneur.

The University’s business incubation facilities provides advice, supportand the chance to work with other creative professionals.


If you have a project you would like help with we offer a wide range of services including development and consultation.

Providing expertise and facilities for entrepreneurs to create new ventures

What we offer

  • Design advice and consultancy: Expertise and advice to develop new product and process concepts.
  • PAYG Facilities access: Designblok provides access to enterprising individuals, graduates, new and existing businesses that has a novel idea or project that would benefit.
  • Business incubation: Designblok works closely with the University of Lincoln’s business incubation facilities such as Sparkhouse and the Think Tank.
  • Funding advice: Advise on funding initiatives to enable innovation, new product development.
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Helping to build prototypes for quicker, cost effective proof of concept

Design is the seed of product cost.

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The ‘pay as you go’ access provided by Lincoln University has been extremely beneficial to me by providing me with professional facilities so that I can carry out my freelance conservation work and to successfully build my business after graduating.

Emma Bonson, Freelance Conservator